Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Inspiring Beans

Now, if anyone is going to love this product, it's me. Do I love to grow stuff? Yup. I'm a house-plant connoisseur. Do I love being inspired? Yup. I have a 'quote of the day' widget. Don't judge. They're very good. And do I love beans? Oh man, do I love beans. Beans of all kinds. I don't discriminate.

But could anyone combine these three things? This question has haunted me for years. Thankfully, it's now been done.

Magic Bean Wishes (an As Seen on TV Product, none the less)

Things to note:

- This video of the plant growing/revealing its message that you already saw when it was a bean you were planting.

- This gift... a prayer box with a bean in it. In case you've always had a burning desire to wear a bean around your neck, now you have a fashionable way of doing so.... actually 2 since there are 2 different styles. (Thank God... I just couldn't have a spherical bean prayer box - how gaudy)

- And a personal favorite... Velour Pouches with themed beans. Go ahead, click on it. Now... let's pick, um... 'Love/Hot'. Tip: for valentines day get your girlfriend these beans. One of them should say 'listen'... another should say 'sex'. Because when her mom comes over, nothing will make her feel better about you dating her precious daughter than the fact that you're a) growing beans in an apartment b) that the bean is stamped with somewhat innappropriate words and c) that you gave her daughter BEANS for a Valentines gift. (Also good are the 'USA' beans... although they wouldn't make atheists happy... and the 'Love/Sweet'... how they fit "intertwined hearts" on one bean is anyones guess really.)

- Lastly... the shapes. Dinosaurs and safari animals? On my beans? I think I'll stick with coloring books for the kiddies. Although the Octopus bean (part of the 'aquatic animals' kit) is quite alluring I must say.

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