Friday, January 2, 2009

Tooth Lasers for the new year!

First, happy new year. As I've been busy celebrating, cooking and fighting to get my heat fixed in my apartment, I missed a day of ridiculous products. Luckily, no one reads this yet, so no one is disappointed. :) For future reference, my goal is a new product every work day. Even a blogger needs her weekends.

Moving on... today we have a lovely grooming product. Perhaps your new years resolution is to lose weight, or maybe it's to be nicer, or perhaps it's to drink less coffee. For those of you with the last one, if the reasoning is that your teeth are yellow, well, you're in luck. You don't have to give up coffee when you have...
The Laser Toothbrush
If you're prone to those unsightly toothbrush splatters on your vanity mirror, and also the gross drips on your work shirt... well, no more. Now you can "clean your teeth with light!"

Things to note:
- 'super-safe'... so much better than regular safe. Even safe enough for your EYE TISSUE? Wait... so now can I get rid of gingivitis AND take off yesterday's mascara? I'm confused about this comment.
- You 'treat' your teeth for 55 seconds. Can that even laser every tooth in that time? And how does it prevent bad breath? Do you laser the gunk on your tongue (don't lie, you know what I'm talking about. Don't be so uptight)
- What will happen to the ever so lucrative tooth paste industry? What about floss? Do we still have to floss because I hate flossing. I'd totally pay $70 for some laser floss action. Someone work on that one, ok?

Until laser floss - I'm laying off. This thing creeps me out. Maybe it's the whole ok to laser your eye thing.. I dunno. But weird. I'll stick with the inspiring beans for now.

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