Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Beach Shelter

So I'm going to Florida tonight and I cannot wait to play in the sun at the beach. If I'm not playing paddle ball or swimming around, I'm probably napping in the sun or making innappropriate jokes with the girls. All good things. You know why these are fun to do at the beach? Because it's sunny and warm, and there's water to play in. You know what destroy's the entire point of being at the beach?

SPF 50 roof. 11' by 11' large. You don't touch the sand. You don't feel the sun. You close the screens and you can't even really feel the wind. Sooo... basically we could just pick you up, put you in a parking lot (bonus: less screaming children and lifeguards whistling in the parking lot), and you'd be happy. And we pay 1000's of dollars for beach front resorts etc. just so we can be 'inside'? Why not just stay inside, crank up the heat and pretend you're enjoying some summer fun? Of course, this tent won't even fit in my apartment it's so big... so perhaps I'll just bring it out to my parking lot out back. Maybe I can get the tent towed for 'parking' in someone elses spot even. That'd be an awesome adventure.... possible asphalt burn though.

Anyway, I will not be using a full beach tent this weekend. I'll be actually feeling the sun and wind and sand.... man, I've become pretty badass in my love of nature.

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  1. you know, i have been looking at your blog here, and i am amused at the random objects you post, and the odd nature of their coming out. however, i dont think i can become a follower. it seems you have a lot of negative things, and bitch about everything. for lack of a better term. i can appreciate the humorous side of things, and the pointing out the obvious flaws in products, but there isnt really the need to be so.. bitchy.

    this product (for which i am not defending it) for example, looks to have no flooring just the corner posts and screen on the sides. with a mild roof to block the sun. having a family you realize the importance of blocking the uv rays since children would pay no mind to adding sunblock and not staying in the sun too long. or having an infant child exposed to such elements for an extended period of time. with the rate of skin cancer, and aging having such precedence in our lives, i would imagine this product to be a bit useful. especially for those of you coming form up north that get limited sun exposure on a daily basis.

    maybe if you took the time to learn properly about the products you do post about, you would have a better understanding. or actually review the products, im sure you could get companies to send you one for product review if you were to have a legitimate website/blog.

    although, jut posting random products with a picture and berating them seems a bit easier i would assume. if every post wasnt so arbitrary maybe i personally would enjoy this blog more.