Monday, January 12, 2009

Baby Nose Straw

So I went to my first baby shower this weekend, and it really got me thinking. My friend having a baby is quite practical and not one for clutter... her house will NOT turn into a giant play pen, I can assure you. But you know those moms who have purchased everything Babies 'R Us sells and ordered organic baby food and all the new European baby products. They are out there in droves. Well, this is a product for them straight from the heart of Sweden (and if anyone knows babies, it's Sweden - have you seen how good looking those kids grow up to be?)


(I would like to note that when saving this image, I noticed it was called 'bad hair mom'... oh those Swedes, such jokesters)

So this product is essentially a straw so you can suck the snot out of your baby. It has a filter (that you have to replace for every use), but the liquid does actually move up the straw... the further it goes the more nauseous you feel I would guess. But I have a few issues here...

- The homepage has a quote from a doctor saying that you don't put anything in the infant's nose... so how do you get the snot up your fancy straw? I mean, where else do babies keep their snot? It sure looks like the nostril is where it's at to me.

- The FAQ also have some advice... if you're not getting the snot you think you should be getting, squirt some water up the babies nose (that sounds like it would feel AWESOME) and then suck with a circle sweeping motion out - pushing slightly on the nostrils. Don't remind your kids you did this when they're about 3 though - you will NEVER be able to get them to stop picking their nose. Have you ever heard the "But Mommmmm.... YOU did it, why can't I do it? Same idea here.

- Also great for toddlers. Look how happy this little girl is. This little nugget just loves having a small sucking kazoo looking apparatus up her nose. Not sure what that says about her future though. Just a suggestion, you probably want to encourage your kids not to put any foreign objects, figures, or substances up their nose in the future. (I had a friend who had a lima bean stuck up there rotting when she was little... and that's just the least of the worries I have about this nose-insertion habit).

- My favorite part is that this product is available just around the corner from me in dear old Brighton MA... at Whole Foods Market. Because obviously, when I'm picking up my organic pomegranates and vanilla beans from Uganda and shampoo made from raspberries and bamboo root... I will suddenly be in need of a baby nasal aspirator. That will DEFINITELY make me want to pick up one of those dessert cups they sell right at the counter. If baby snot isn't appetizing, really, what is?

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