Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pretty pretty princess pooch

So I used to own a teeny little yorkie. I'm guilty. But I never put her in my purse, or put a bow on her, or painted her microscopic little nails. When you washed her (Sophie), she looked like a wet rat and then if you put her down she'd just run around in laps rubbing herself dry on all the couches/furniture. Not exactly the picture of a prissy, carry around dog. However, we know that some people who own these small pooches do silly things with them - like spa treatments and Christmas sweaters (nothing says festive like a green and red argyle number on a teacup poodle)... and with that in mind, there is a club and publication that is very intriguing.

This website really has a lot to offer, so I'm going to hilight some of the wonderful products they offer in the catalog that you can request for free.


-Doggie birthday pie - made from human grade ingredients such as pumpkin, oats, honey, nutmeg... wait... can Fluffy share? I think she can. Luckily, this birthday dessert is cut into 10 pieces so we can all have some when our canine pals come over for the birthday party. I mean, a year in our life is like seven to a dog - shoudln't we have a little shindig to celebrate? (does not come with birthday hat pictured... must order separately.

- Sanitary Panties - dont' want to get your dog fixed because she's a pure bred? Fine. When she goes into heat, let all the neighborhood know by flaunting her around in this number... complete with kissy lips pattern. Because if there's anything that makes me want to put on lip stick and kiss underwear... it's a dog in heat. (ps, for sizing... be sure to check the 'rear gurth'... if you know how to measure that on little Daisy)

-"Luxesuede Hipster Sling with Faux Fur" - For the low low price of $69 plus shipping and handling, you can carry around Peppers in a sling bag made of "rich, chocolate Luxesuede and lined with delightfully cozy caramel faux fur". Oh, and for another $12... get Peppers monogrammed onto the bag in 'ivory' thread. Ooo or maybe you could get "I heart Peppers"... classy.

I could go on. Shea butter cream for the fur, a doggie armoire for all of your babies outfits, and pajamas (in case dressing yourself and your kids for bed isn't enough for you... you can dress Lola as well in one of her heart patterned get ups). Man, so much good stuff. Of course if I could afford another teeny pure breed (that go for 350-1000 dollars generally), whats another $70 for a purse for her? Glad this service can be rendered for the rich, lonely and nuts.

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  1. You know I have two people close to me who may actually purchase things out of that. I'm not amused. Well, maybe a little bit.