Friday, January 23, 2009

I call for (a) toast!

Sometimes you just stumble upon a theme of silly things. They're not as obvious as the commercialization of our 44th prez, but they are still remarkably weird. This week, it was toasters. Not even their more versatile cousins toaster ovens... nope. Plain old one slice a semi-burned bread toasters. My $10 cute red toaster works fine... why would I need something more exotic? Who knows, but they're out there if you want them. And I have two to share.

The first is the super stylish, multicolored, and horribly uncreatively named, Six Part Toaster

Apparently no one has purchased this snazzy item, since this is the only photo I can find of it anywhere. But it really is pretty cool. I mean, if you have 5 friends, and you all want toast with the big vat of eggs your just scrambled up... you can all have it, and it'll be hot at the same time. For those 4 seconds that toast stays hot. Very important.
But I might still buy this if I had a lot of counter space. I mean, it's retro and futuristic... and who doesn't want a little envelope caddy for their toasted slice of 12 grain? I know I do. It's the multi-fannie pack of breakfast foods!

The other strange toaster I found is the Transparent ToasterOf course the hitch here is that this isn't real...yet. It's a sample that doesn't ACTUALLY toast bread yet (they haven't quite figured out how to get the glass that hot and not make you want to die if you touch it). However, it's really a clever idea. With this, you can tell if your toast is burning WITHOUT popping it up every 20 seconds, or having to salvage your overly crunch slice by scraping it with a steak knife..... I'm not the only one who does that am I? If so..., well, it's a good idea guys! Don't waste food! Anyways, I might actually buy this one. They might need to make a dual model (for bagels or whatever), but its a good thought. Although I'm wondering how gross that might look after about 10 uses... I mean, have you seen the inside of your microwave lately? Ew... seriously, clean that thing, ok?

Well that's my interesting kitchen toasting mechanisms for the day... have a great weekend, and I'll be back mocking consumerism on Monday. Thanks for reading and being encouraging, by the way, it makes it way more fun to write knowing y'all do find this stuff funny.

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