Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's not easy being green

For me, 'going green' is kind of tough. I mean, I drive a high mpg car (my little '96 civic is still doing just fine), and I use public transportation a lot, and I recycle. Those are easy. But buying greener cleaning products, and using rags and not paper towels (which I then have to pay over $3 a load to wash) just isn't happening right now. It's too expensive. Even just literally 'greening' my apartment I bought all our tiny house plants at Ikea for $2. But ya know, I've always loved the idea of having carpet that is grass (ever since I read Stranger in a Strange Land - read it if you haven't, it's good). And now, I can toss out my nasty bath mats and have just that!

Doesn't that look plush? Well... it probably is. And mossy. Cause, well, it's moss. It is made of bumps of 3 different types of moss in order to make that aesthetically pleasing pattern of light greens, dark greens and white spots (glamorous and artistic). Sadly, it only works in the bathroom because it needs a lot of moisture (I'd like to keep it everywhere).

But I do have one big issue with it... when I get in, it's fine. If I get a little moss between my toes, well, who cares? Feels neat and I'm showering anyways. But what about when you get out? Even if there's no dirt... there is no way I won't get moss stuck to my feet. And that mossy smell too. Ew... I mean, why did I just wash those toes? They're just gonna smell like dirty mold from my rug anyways right? I mean, we have enough problem trying not to traipse snow water and salty sand gunk though the house. Imagine if every time I got out of the shower I walked in mossy mushy green stuff? Makes grass stains look easy to get out of socks, that's all I gotta say.

Still.... it's very cool. If only we could get that wall to wall carpet grass thing rockin, I'd totally be into it. That way the moss stains wouldn't matter! And hey - you'd know if your boyfriend hadn't been showering regularly if his moss was dying... a good red flag for grossness in a friend. Perhaps a good gift for that dirty hippie you want to encourage to bathe just a tid bit more often.

(by the way, thanks Adam for the tip... and for your nerdy articles about weird stuff! If I lived in Augusta GA, I'd be bored too...:P)

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