Wednesday, January 21, 2009

College attire at it's finest... or could it be more?

*Before we start, I'd like to say part of yesterday's post went missing. I re-wrote it... so now it makes sense and doesn't just skip over a section. Sorry about that!*

I don't miss being in college most days. I mean, the schedule was kinda nice. But really? I could do without the loud drunken neighbors and non-english speaking economics professors. But I do miss wearing jeans (or even sweat pants) and a sweat shirt to class and having that be both acceptible and appropriate for the event. Dress pants and khakis and ironing... ick. Day in and day out I cannot wait to get home and dress comfortably again. I mean, in college, you co uld even go out to your local bar and be in a sweat shirt... especially this one.

Beer Bottle Hoodie
There's a few reasons I find this product funny. First and foremost is that the site selling them knows that this product will be adored by (and forgive my harsh language) frat-tastic deuchbags all over this great nation. Although stated in somewhat sarcastic fashion (yes, I can detect this quite well)... it's pretty accurate. The purchasers of this type if thing will think it's wonderful that they can hold three beers at once, or high five a fellow bro-man, or booty-text the less than pristine girl they've been taking out with college dining dollars their mom put on their id card. And I'm not even going to harp on the whip cream thing. Really? Come on kids.

My thoughts here are that this could be marketed completely differently. Still ridiculous... fine. But this insulated beverage container pocket could appeal to a much wider group of people.... and ones who spend more money than college guys on clothes: Moms. All moms (even terrifying elk-hunting hockey moms) need another hand right? Toddler leash in one hand, pushing a designer frog stroller or whatever those are with the other... where are you going to put the baby bottle? Or your Starbucks grande iced soy mocha latte (not sure that's even a thing... but i'm guessing it is)? Or perhaps you could store extra pacifiers in there? I mean, kangaroos seem to function great with a pouch... to heck with evolution. We must need pouches too.

I say we re-design this shirt. Make it into a biased cut wrap shirt (to cover the mom pooch.. gotta be flattering) and put two of those little pouches on the side like holsters. Ready to go. Pre-warmed bottle for junior on one side, flask of kahlua for that mocha later for you on the other... ready for another day of shopping, pilates and calling the nanny. It's the next big thing- I'm calling it. Insulated beverage pouches are the new yogalates. Or the new black. Or maybe the new black yogalates? Whatever.

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