Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Cold Weather Wear you Share

First, sorry for the lack of posting yesterday. Man, these days come fast. But I will continue to try none the less. Now, coming as a suggested ridiculous product (making my life yet easier and more awesome, thanks Kathryn)... I'm gonna jump right into the pros and cons of...

First, you need to understand the product. Basically, you get 2 individual fleece mittens (one for your right hand and your sweetie's left hand) and one strangely shaped co-mitten. It looks like so...

Now that get the gist, I want to talk about the name. I love naming things, so this is a big thing for me. And Smittens is a really cute name, I must say. But later when talking about this silly invention, all I could think about was 'mittens you sh-ittens?' Not good. Not something you want people to think of when trying to recall your gloriously unique product.

Other than that, this is just ridiculous. First, they're fleece. If it is warm enough to get by with some thin fleece mittens, just hold bare hands. Or hold hands in one of your pockets ( a bit awkward but can be done). I mean, I'm not a pda kinda girl myself, nor do I really like wearing gloves. So I think, if it's 15 degrees out and you really have to wear something over your hands, you probably aren't taking a leisurely romantic stroll around the park. You're probably going from inside location A to inside location B... in which case, I think you can manage to not molest each other's digits until you get there. I mean... you can't use these while skiing, or hiking or biking... just walking. So if you're that grabby, run and get somewhere warm where you can just make out (or whatever, we really don't want to know) and save everyone around you the nausea of the conjoined mitten.

I would like to note though that you don't have to pay the $40 (including shipping and hand-ling, hahah, bad pun) for a brand name Smittens. Oh no. Knock offs available at they don't come in the fancy 'heart' pattern that makes me feel so in love). The Mona Lisa is even rocking the knock offs... by herself. Huh.

Anyway, overall, I'd say pass on this one. Just wear your normal gloves and if they're so bulky you can't hold hands with your baby, be patient, ok? Geez. Or heck, go somewhere warmer on a little get away. The tropics don't necessitate 'Smittens' that's for sure.

Although, this does give a whole new meaning to 'no glove, no love'...

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