Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Wow, I'm not good at the staying on schedule thing. Oh well, I'll do my best.

So where I'm from, it is not uncommon for girls to get BIG trucks when they get their license. For some of you, you're thinking, huh... why? I kind of agree, but never the less, its true. However, you still have to be at least 16 to get a license, right? Which I think is far too old for this to be cool.

Tweety Bird "All Fired Up" Truck Floor Mats

So these aren't ordinary Tweety... these are PISSED Tweety. Ready to kick some ass and get 8 miles to the gallon Tweety. However, I don't think these alone make your car white trash enough (even if you ARE wearing your Mickey Mouse sweat shirt at age 40 or have kermit earrings on)... no, we need accessories. We always need more bling, right?

Tweety Steering Wheel Grips

Or how about Sylvester Chasing Tweety across your front seats?

And of course no big truck would be complete with a good hitch right? So in case you never use your truck for towing (which I'm sure you don't)... we have this lovely hitch and cover.

All four of these themed accessories can be yours for the low low total of.... $100.80 (plus 19.95 in shipping I'm sure) And if there was anything I was gonna spend my 120 dollars on, it should would be this collectors set. I mean, who needs to pay for the electricity in the doublewide anyways?

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