Friday, January 9, 2009

Waist Spa Treatments

As I said before, this is the thin-down time of the year. We have Back to School Supply Binge, Candy Induced Coma for Children, Turkey Killing Spree, Lounging and laughing over Cookies, and THEN Get Skinny Now Season (which we are in now). So this is the time when the home shopping networks and the magazine ads turn to gym memberships, diet food that tastes like cardboard but looks like it was made by Emeril, and women with 8 packs and men with biceps tanned and carved like roasted turkeys. Luckily, we can skip by all those hot bods and juicing machines and move right onto a spa treatment for your mid-section.

The Sauna Belt

The description here is fascinating to me. I can sweat away pounds?!? ... Wait a second... I sweat at the gym working out. Which is kind of why I don't like it. Sweating when you're not going anywhere (aka on a treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike, etc.) is bizarre and makes me feel unaccomplished. I'd much rather be somewhere good, like the top of a mountain (when hiking) or the bottom of a mountain (when skiing). So why would I want to do it on my sticky leather couch? Even if I could watch TV while I sweat... who cares? I can do that AT THE GYM. And it will actually work my muscles, unlike this.

My other deal... isn't this kind of just a heating pad? I mean... "Adjustable Heat Regulator" isn't that just a fancy term for a dial? The buttons on my heating pad that go from Low (1) through High (10) adjust the heat just fine really. And I slept on my heating pad for awhile and I think I actually gained weight in that period. Clearly my body did NOT look like that dudes when I woke up from a nap (thank goodness... I'd look awkward with bulging veins coming out of my arms and man boobs instead of real boobs).

I would like to note that this comes with a tape measure. And thank goodness. Wherever would I get one of those if I didn't order this $50 heating pad that I can get at CVS for $15? Unless it came with a choice of male model (this one isn't my type) with it... then we could talk.

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