Monday, January 26, 2009

Sell out with me tonight, Sell Out!

So most of you know me, so you know I majored in music industry. And as I'm a temp at a hospital, many of my classmates are merch girls and boys. What's a merch girl? Well, you know that perky girl hocking $25 Kings of Leon t-shirts and giving out promo stickers with the opener's name on it so you remember who the heck they were? That's a merch kid. Generally they work for free and get to hear the show from wherever the table is. Glamorous.

Anyways, the only way this could be interesting if you're selling something weird. And I mean more weird than kids books (a la Dar Williams) or jig saw puzzles (a la Belle and Sebastian). I mean like some of these objects...

Now I know... it's the Beatles. They could have toilet paper printed with an album cover on each square (oh hey - the I already have the White Album on every one of mine!) and people would buy it. And keep it. But you have to admit, this is a bit weird. And the number of 'dolls'? Hmmm... right. Ok. Moving on...

People do fall on their 'bullocks' a lot while snowboarding

So you're a big Green Day fan? Show it off on the lift. Or the sweet tat-like Guns N Roses get up. Or get the neon yellow Sex Pistols board... which is my personal fave. Are these good snow boards? Well, let's just say probably not. I'm guessing you could find better board to hit the slopes with. But really, if you're old enough to have bought a Sex Pistols or Ramones album when they hit the shelves, you are probably WAY too old to be a good snow boarder without killing yourself. Sorry. (this would also be a pain in the butt to sell as a merch kid... where do you display a snowboard?)

Making bath time lots of fun!

Man, I love bath toys. And this site has quite a few 'rubber duckies' worth noting. I'm not sure how long this link will be accurate (but I couldn't find a better one) so I'm gonna just show you all the rubber duckies you can buy!!! (James Brown ducky even sings... holla!)

Snoop Duck?

Duckies of Oz? (Wicked Witch sold separately.... no really)

I wanna squeak and float all night, and suds up every day! - Kiss Ducky

Singing James Brown Ducky... Owww!

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