Thursday, January 29, 2009

Chopping Shopping Network

So I've been doing weightwatchers lately... to some success. Not that I'm obese, but ya know, it helps me eat better and know what I'm putting in my body. And of course the peak of diet-y health foods is salad. (of course, this doesn't count if you coat your salad in buttermilk ranch and throw in 3 types of lunch meats, eggs and a pound of cheddar... mmmm cobb salad...) anyways, salads. All the diet rage, for obvious reasons , which, if you need to hear all these glorious reasons, google 'eating raw.' Read literature from the crazies that go on about how eating raw foods is the way God intended it to be and how healthy they are... if it doesn't make you go raw and lose weight, it may make you go vomit up that ranch drenched salad because of how hippie ridiculous they are. Either way really.

Lucky for us, there is a tool to make those tragically difficult salads easier. I mean, who can use a knife AND cutting board to make a meal? SO exhausting! And don't you ALWAYS cut yourself trying to cut tomatoes? Me too! What a pain. No one wants bloody tomatoes (unless you often serve vampires, in which case, stick with what you're doing) But for the rest of us the home shopping network's got it covered.

FreshPrep Toss & Chop Salad Tool
(what a mouthful... and we haven't even made the salad yet!)
Ok, so what we have here is a combination of: kitchen sheers, garden pruners, a scoop and TWO knives. Now I can kind of see sheers... if you're cutting raw meat. But you're not. And the spring is straight from the small hedge trimmers my grandmother prunes her roses with... not kitchen worthy or needed. The scoop? So you can scoop up stuff in the bowl to then chop it, because God forbid we use that $2 cutting board we all own. And the double knives? Well... just for looks really.
I'd HIGHLY suggest watching at least a few minutes of the video on the site though. The best part is how excited they are! Look, it's fun! I've never seen ANYTHING like this! WOW, you can mix and cut in one bowl? Chopped salad JUST like a restaurant! It's really amazing how little it takes to amaze us. Heck, for 17 dollars, plus 6 dollars shipping in handling, I'll just head over to Chili's and have someone chop my salad for me. Problem solved.


  1. Okay, I own one of these, but I didn't know what the crap it was for... Thanks Lia!

  2. ya, you probably thought it was for pruning bushes... cause thats what it looks like. How did you come to own such a product?