Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inaugeration Day 2009- OMG Ev3ry1 Freak Out!

Please don't take this the wrong way... but aren't we being a little silly? I know, it's our first black president, and our first democrat since my vote started counting (finally I voted someone INTO office). I understand that this is *insert buzz term here* (Buzz word suggestions: historical; a turning point for a America; exciting; remarkable; epic; momentous; inspiring; life-changing; a landmark day; ... I could go on). But really? This is just a dude, who grew up in Kansas, who seems to have the people of this nation's best interests in mind. He is, like all presidents before (even George W.) joining a list of US leaders. So why is this inaugeration SOOOO huge? Either they all should be so monumental, or really, this one shouldn't be such a big hoot.

But there is something that has swept the country. This Obamania... or my fave is Obamarama. And with this wave of presidential star power has come a slew of very silly products. And I'm going to highlight a few that you might want to look into today if the inaugural address gets you all hot and bothered with Obama-fever.

I thought George W. was the president we elected because we all thought he'd be a great guy to sit down and have a beer with (no matter what he says about his sobriety... still seems like a good guy to have a drink and watch the game with right?) But apparently no. Today is the day you can remember how great it is to usher in a new commander-in-chief with a nice cold Coors Lite... or any other variety of 12oz canned beverages. It's the Yes-We-Can-Coozie. Maybe a good motivator for you dieters out there? Just pop in a fresca and remember - Yes, you CAN lose weight/go to the gym/resist that quarter-pounder etc. Just a suggestion.

Next on my hit list for products plastered with Barack's face...

All Kinds of Jewelry

I dunno, I just feel very TigerBeat about this. You can <3 Brad Pitt, or the Jonas Brothers. But the commander in chief of the largest military in the world? This just seems wrong. Wrong wrong wrong. This is not a broken heart BFF necklace. This is the president. He is to be respected, admired etc. Not 'hearted'. He is not your schnookums. Unless of course you are the lovely Michelle, in which case, he IS your schnookums, and you can heart him all you like (also, thanks for reading... I'm quite honored)

Alright, last one...

Hope Soap on a Rope

... Ya. You can wash your body (and without the fear of dropping the 'bar') with our president's face. Well... an odd representation of it. Honestly he doesn't look much like Barack. But that WAS the purpose. Now, you may be thinking.... why is he purple? Oh... because there is no red and no blue to dear old Barack. Nope, we're all purple when we're united. A big huge vat of grape KoolAid... or Robitussin. Whatever. Also to be noted is the 'breath of fresh air' scent. I just hope he's brushed his teeth. But hey, when he screws up (and yes, even your beloved Obama will screw up sometime sooner or later), you can literally say 'kiss my a**... although with those teeth, it might be more of a bite. Ouch.

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